Tuesday, 10 August 2010


While most of us were either about to sleep or were enduring the night shift at work, depending on which part of the world we live in, Terry Terhamba Madaki A.K.A Terry Tha Rapman's unfortunate encounter with men of the Lagos State Police Command was just starting. The incident took place last week Thursday in the Ikeja area of Lagos, Nigeria. After engaging in some promotional work with his Manager and having a couple of meetings with him in the Allen Avenue district of Ikeja earlier in the day, Terry also visited his friend who owned an events company to arrange some shows. Around 11pm that Fateful night, Terry Madaki crossed paths with the Men In Black.

As the Nassarawa/Benue indigene tried to get a cab on Toyin Street, a commercial bus packed with Policemen stopped nearby and the cops started pushing people into the vehicle. Terry, who claimed he was not dressed suspiciously or drunk, was not initially approached by the marauding officers. However, the rapper was soon ordered to join the other unlucky victims in the bus at gunpoint. He resisted and was shoved into the bus while one of the policemen quickly sat on his laps as a measure of stopping him from jumping out of the vehicle. Terry's efforts to find out what he had done wrong was rebuffed by the Sergeant in charge of the raid. The Sergeant barked at him to shut up and told him he would know his offence when he got to the Police Station. The Aquarian kept his cool due to the weapons the policemen brandished.

Terry Tha Rapman was locked up in a cell at the Station along with the others. The Rapper however used his initiative and sent text messages to his friends with his BlackBerry, telling them where he was and what he was going through. One of his friends got in touch with the Lagos State Police Commissioner who promptly called the Area Commander of the Police Station where Terry was locked up. The Area Commander swung into action and Terry was brought out of his cell within minutes. The Area Commander identified the gifted Rapper and said he'd gotten a call from Abuja that he had been arrested against his will. The Commander apologised profusely and gave orders that the Sergeant that led the operation should be locked up. Police officers at the Station were surprised and they asked Terry Madaki if he was the son of a Governor. The Rapper told them he was an artist. The officers apologised and took him home in a Patrol Van. Terry's encounter with the Police lasted for two hours.

Terry refused to press charges against the Lagos State Police Command, though he strongly believes the policemen should have queried him before roughing him up at 11pm. Funny enough, two songs on Terry's new album 'Boiz Don Hammer' [ The album will be dropping this month and the video of the title track 'Boiz Don Hammer' will be shot by Clarence Peters ] addressed the type of police harassment he faced last week. Terry Madaki started rapping as far back as 1991 when he was in secondary school. His fame as a Hip-Hop artist grew in Kaduna where he spent almost twenty years. This was due to his featuring on a weekly radio show called 'Rap Attack' where he free-styled and played his demo tapes. He is an alumnus of the Federal Government College, Kaduna and he holds a Diploma in Mass Communications from the Federal Polytechnic in the state. He was a member of the Rap Collective SWATROOT [ Think of Wu Tang Clan and Boot Camp Clik ] which hade Mode 9, Rule Clean, DJ El Dee et al as members. Terry's first album was 'Tha Manifestation' which was released by Payback Tyme Records. He is also featured on the 'Lagos Story Plenti' CD. Terry Tha Rapman is an artist to watch out for. He still has a lot to offer the World Music Industry.

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Where To Find Terry Tha Rapman Online: www.myspace.com/terrytharapman, www.paybacktymerecords.com

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