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I remember that look on Yinka Agbabiaka's face back in 1994. We were students of Ijebu-Ode Grammar School, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, at that time. Like other teenage Nigerian boys, we were fans of American Hip-Hop artistes and rappers. Yinka was humming Domino's 'Ghetto Jam'to himself in class that day. I looked at him and smiled. Yinka looked up and met my gaze. 'Domino is really good, Tolu.'he said. I agreed with him absolutely. I had spent the previous holiday watching music videos in Lagos and Domino's videos stood out. His music was infectious and he had this laid back way of delivering his rhymes. It is 2010 and I'm wondering why Domino did not blow up like other LA Rappers.

Lets look at how Shawn Antoine Ivy started out as a Rapper and Singer. From RV's research, it has been discovered that two rival LA Gangs, the Bloods and the Crips, did the unthinkable by collaborating on a music project in 1993. The album titled 'Banging on Wax' featured members from the two notorious gangs and it was produced by Ron 'Ronnie Ron' Philips and rapper Tweedy Bird LOC. Though the album was recorded in two weeks, it turned out to be an underground hit with over 400,000 copies sold. Domino was one of the rappers on the album [ Domino performed under the stage name, Genuine Draft, on the LP ] alongside gang members like Sin Loc, Blue Ragg, Red Rag and Lil' Stretch. Domino's track was the first song on 'Banging On Wax' and he caught the ears of Hip-Hop afficionados with his style. The St Louis, Missouri, born artist could rap and sing at the same time. This unique ability set him apart from his contemporaries.

In December 1993, Domino came out with his debut album 'Domino'{ Outburst/Def Jam Records } and the world celebrated the birth of a new rapper. The album had a jazzy feel with thudding beats that brought the dance halls down. Listening to tracks like 'Ghetto Jam' and 'Long Beach Thang' makes you feel that the music is actually being recorded live in your listening space. Domino's songs also had good videos with beautiful ladies that made good eye candy. Have you seen the videos of 'Sweet Potato Pie' and 'Physical Funk'? You're bound to appreciate the fact that men cannot do without women. All the songs on Domino's first album were good and Gilliam [ The composer of most of the songs ] deserves some praise. Domino followed up with other albums 'Physical Funk' [ 1996, Outburst/Def Jam ]and D-freaked it [ 2001/Slipdisc ]. These two albums were not as successful as his first release and Domino gradually faded out of the music scene.

The reason given for Domino's musical demise is that West Coast Rap music fans felt that he stole Snoop Dogg's style. Snoop Dogg was just blossoming when Domino released his first album. This led to Domino's initial followers abandoning him for Snoop Dogg who was being promoted by Dr Dre and Death Row Records. The questions that comes to mind is this: Did Domino really steal Snoop Dogg's style? Or is he a victim of the politics and power play in the American Music industry? Having listened to Domino's songs, I don't think he sounds like Snoop Dogg. Afterall, every genre of music has more than five artists recording at the same time. To me, Snoop was more gangster than Domino. Domino's songs were mainly about having a good time, appreciating women and hanging with the guys in the hood. Snoop on the other hand glorified the gangster lifestyle on his early albums. Domino could have been pushed out of the scene due to the fact that powerful commercial interests on the West Coast Rap Scene might have perceived him as a threat to Snoop's rise in the Long Beach area. The fact that Snoop Dogg and Domino are both members of the Crips gang has not shaken this theory. So what really led to Domino's fall from grace to grass? This is the million dollar question that RV wants to answer as time goes on. No one can dispute the fact that Domino is a rapper that knows his onions. Maybe when he comes out with a new album, we'll get to know the truth behind his absence from the scene for so long.

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Domino - Sweet Potato Pie [ RV VIDEO FEATURE ].

Domino was one of the Rap Artists that kept my love for Hip-Hop alive in the 90's. This handsome guy was just too good on the mic. He also had this penchant of featuring beautiful black women in his videos. I'm really impressed with the array of delicious black sisters in the 'Sweet Potato Pie' video above. Shawn Antoine Ivy [ Domino ] was one of the forerunners who spread the message of G-funk before Snoop Dogg and Warren G popularized it. There has always been this notion that Domino stole the Dogg Father's style, and that this was why his career did not last long. I believe Domino's style was slightly different from Snoop Doggy Dogg's delivery. The beats of Domino's songs including 'Long Beach Thang', 'Tales From the Hood' [ Featuring Chill ] 'Ghetto Jam' [ This banging track opened and ended 98% of Campus Shows in Nigeria in the 90's ] and 'Diggady Domino' were really good. The solid beats which keep me nodding were crafted by DJ Battlecat. The Rap Industry needs guys like Domino back on the scene. We have a story on Domino on this page. Relax and Enjoy this video.

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Thursday, 26 August 2010


Sometimes, it is not easy to watch those that came years after us in a particular career or profession hit the limelight before our eyes. The pain could even be deeper if the person is close or related to us. We all have the tendency to be a bit envious when others are doing better than us. However, it is human nature to feel insecure if we perceive others are doing better than us. This brings us to the admirable behaviour of Melissa Bell towards her Award winning daughter and 2008 X-Factor winner, Alexandra Burke.

Melissa Bell, a Londoner of Jamaican ancestry is a former member of the Grammy winning R&B act, Soul II Soul. She was one of the group's singers alongside Caron Wheeler, Doreen Waddell, Lamya Al-Mugheiry and Rose Windross. She left Soul II Soul in 1997 to form and front another group, Soul Explosion. The group has been in existence since 1999. You can watch videos of Melissa performing with Soul Explosion on YOUTUBE. The crux of this article is how she has refused Alexandra Burke's offer to donate one of her kidneys to her in a bid to save her life. Melissa is suffering from kidney failure and she has been on dialysis for about 18 months while waiting for a kidney on the NHS. Bell's family have a history of diabetes and her children Aaron, David, Sheneice and Alexandra could come down with the condition in the future.

Melissa is remarkable as she gives her reasons for not accepting Alexandra's Kidney. According to her- 'I need a new kidney. Alex offered me hers and was very serious about it, but if you take a kidney from a woman who hasn't had babies, you take away her chance of raising a family. That's more than robbery. It is downright wicked.' Melissa knows the consequences of taking her daughter's kidney and she wants Alex to savour the joy of holding a baby in her arms. She has accepted to take a kidney from David, her eldest son. David has just finished writing his final exams at Hertfordshire University and he is willing to help his mother out. After Alexandra triumphed at the X-Factor finals in 2008, stories popped up in the mainstream media about a rift between her and Melissa. The grapevine hinted that Melissa was jealous of her daughter's success. Alex's mum snapped back- 'What type of mum is jealous of her daughter? She doesn't have the millions yet, but when she does she'll look after me.'

Alexandra Burke who celebrated her 22nd birthday yesterday with a work trip to Ireland [ Burke's new song 'Start With You' comes out in the country this week ] will surely be able to take care of her mother very soon. This is because her career is on the rise. Her debut album 'Overcome' ( Syco Music, 2009 ) sold 132,000 copies in its first week of release. Four songs on the album, 'Hallelujah', 'Bad Boys', 'Broken Heels' and 'All Night Long' are very popular and have done well on the UK and Irish Singles Charts. 'Overcome' was also certified platinum in the United Kingdom and has been nominated for Best Album 2010 at the Urban Music Awards. You need to buy a copy of 'Overcome' to get my drift. Alexandra has a £1 Million contract with Simon Cowell's Syco Records [ A subsidiary of Sony BMG ] for winning the X-Factor. She has already received a £150,000 cash advance while the remaining money has been allocated to recording and marketing costs. RV is proud to associate with Melissa Bell and her wonderful daughter, Alexandra Burke [ Burke has been romantically linked with English Rugby player Danny Cipriani recently ]. They have set a good example as to how a Mother-Daughter relationship should be like irrespective of fame and media hype.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010


If you're one of those who keep dropping comments on YOUTUBE about the wack rappers whose music are being forced into our ears by the radio stations, it is time to sheathe your sword and relax. This is because Naughty By Nature is back on the Hip-Hop scene with an album that will be released in December 2010. Naughty By Nature was formed in 1989 in East Orange, New Jersey, USA. After building up a strong reputation on the underground hip-hop scene with their ghetto style brand of music, Treach [ Anthony Crisis ], Vin Rock [ Vincent Brown ] and DJ Kay Gee [ Keir Gist ] came out with their 1991 self titled album 'Naughty By Nature' which announced their talent to the world. One of their songs 'O.P.P' became an anthem to rap fans all over the globe. The song was No 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was chosen as one of the top 100 rap singles of all time in 1998 by The Source Magazine.

Mentored by Queen Latifah [ She was already an established Hip-Hop Star in the early 90's ] and spurred on by the number of fans they had, Naughty By Nature continued to churn out hit after hit. The group blessed us with banging tracks like 'Hip Hip Hooray', 'Uptown Anthem', 'Jamboree', 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright', etc. Treach became an actor along the way and he was in the movie 'Juice'[ 1992 ] alongside Tupac Shakur. Treach's friendship with 2pac started after they met on the set of the movie. Naughty By Nature's song 'Mourn You Till I Join You' is dedicated to the rap legend. Treach also appeared in the films 'Jason's Lyric' and 'Who's The Man'. DJ Kay Gee has also worked with R&B groups like Zhane and Next. Naughty By Nature won a Grammy Award in 1996 with 'Poverty's Paradise' which was chosen as the Best Rap Album.

What delights us at RV is that the group's new album is ready. We've gathered that Naughty by Nature have signed a new distribution deal with with their erstwhile label, Tommy Boy Records, to release an EP through the group's Illtown Records. The EP has two tracks 'Get to know Me Better' and 'I gotta lotta' from their new album titled 'Anthem Inc'. The two fresh tracks mentioned are available for download through itunes and other digital retailers. Naughty By Nature as a group has evolved over the years and are still around to make great music. Treach sums up my feelings with his spot on comment- 'Some of the artists out there lost their love for it as they get older in the game. They don't have that hunger and the fight anymore. So they feel they can't keep up. In my book it is like this: Keep doing it until you know you're wack. Good music is good music. If you keep throwing it at 'em and keep feeding the people, they gonna appreciate and respect it.' A check on the group's website reveals that the site is under construction. This goes to show that Vin Rock, Treach and DJ Kay Gee are working behind the scenes to update their gateway to the world. RV will keep you informed about fresh developments concerning Naughty By Nature's new album.

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Sunday, 22 August 2010


RV has gathered that a Recovery Concert is being organised with the aim of raising funds for the treatment of Fuji Music Legend, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister. Sources say the Recovery Concert would take place in Lagos and Ibadan [ Barrister has a large fan base in the two dynamic cities ] where his ardent listeners will have the opportunity of supporting him as he goes through this tough period of his life and career. The event which has received the blessings of Barrister's friend and fellow Fuji exponent, General Kollington Ayinla, and the leadership of the Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria [ FUMAN ] will take place as soon as possible because funds are needed for Barrister's treatment. The sponsors of the concert and other associated events will be revealed to the public in two weeks time. The event will take place at the end of the Muslim Ramadan period.

Another interesting development is the decision of members of the Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria [ FUMAN ] to open a Recovery Bank Account for Alhaji Agba. FUMAN members have also agreed to contribute 1000 Naira [ £5 ] each to the account. This gesture goes to show that the association has woken up to its responsibility in ensuring that Sikiru Ayinde Barrister recovers from the sickness that has kept him bedridden for some time now. However, RV thinks FUMAN needs to do more. The Association needs to approach the Presidency in Abuja for support because Barrister is a national hero who fought in the Civil War to keep Nigeria together. RV will keep readers informed about fresh developments concerning Alhaji Agba's sickness and attempts to ensure that he does not die needlessly.

Sources:, RV.


If you can remember, we announced the intention of one of Nigeria's foremost telecommunication companies, Globacom, to sign R&B and African Hip-Hop duo, P-Square, as Brand Ambassadors some weeks ago. We are glad to let you know that the deal has been signed, sealed and delivered. Paul and Peter Okoye were signed as the latest Glo Ambassadors at a colourful ceremony last Tuesday at the Mike Adenuga Towers in Lagos, Nigeria. According to Golobacom's Group Chief Operating Officer, Mr Mohammed Jameel-

'P-Square remains a well focused and popular music group and the youths of this country and the continent find the group worthy of emulation. The choice of P-Square to join our brand ambassadors was therefore not misplaced. We have carefully selected our crop of brand ambassadors and we believe they represent the very best in their chosen professions. We have been actively projecting enterprising Nigerians who have excelled in their fields of endeavour. We are of the firm belief that their faces would help fire the aspirations and dreams of many youths to reach for their goals and rule their world.'

P-Square described the endorsement as a welcome recognition of the group's contribution to the entertainment industry in Nigeria and Africa. The duo also believes that their role as Globacom Ambassadors will inspire them to achieve more as artists. Our sources say the P-Square-Globacom deal is worth $2 Million Dollars. Peter and Paul Okoye are from Ifite Dunu, Anambra State, Nigeria. Their best selling album 'Game Over' [ 2005 ] has sold 8 million copies worldwide. P-Square won the Video of The Year @ the 2008 Channel O Music Awards with the video of their hit track, 'Do Me'. RV felicitates with P-Square on their mouthwatering deal with Globacom.

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


While most of us were either about to sleep or were enduring the night shift at work, depending on which part of the world we live in, Terry Terhamba Madaki A.K.A Terry Tha Rapman's unfortunate encounter with men of the Lagos State Police Command was just starting. The incident took place last week Thursday in the Ikeja area of Lagos, Nigeria. After engaging in some promotional work with his Manager and having a couple of meetings with him in the Allen Avenue district of Ikeja earlier in the day, Terry also visited his friend who owned an events company to arrange some shows. Around 11pm that Fateful night, Terry Madaki crossed paths with the Men In Black.

As the Nassarawa/Benue indigene tried to get a cab on Toyin Street, a commercial bus packed with Policemen stopped nearby and the cops started pushing people into the vehicle. Terry, who claimed he was not dressed suspiciously or drunk, was not initially approached by the marauding officers. However, the rapper was soon ordered to join the other unlucky victims in the bus at gunpoint. He resisted and was shoved into the bus while one of the policemen quickly sat on his laps as a measure of stopping him from jumping out of the vehicle. Terry's efforts to find out what he had done wrong was rebuffed by the Sergeant in charge of the raid. The Sergeant barked at him to shut up and told him he would know his offence when he got to the Police Station. The Aquarian kept his cool due to the weapons the policemen brandished.

Terry Tha Rapman was locked up in a cell at the Station along with the others. The Rapper however used his initiative and sent text messages to his friends with his BlackBerry, telling them where he was and what he was going through. One of his friends got in touch with the Lagos State Police Commissioner who promptly called the Area Commander of the Police Station where Terry was locked up. The Area Commander swung into action and Terry was brought out of his cell within minutes. The Area Commander identified the gifted Rapper and said he'd gotten a call from Abuja that he had been arrested against his will. The Commander apologised profusely and gave orders that the Sergeant that led the operation should be locked up. Police officers at the Station were surprised and they asked Terry Madaki if he was the son of a Governor. The Rapper told them he was an artist. The officers apologised and took him home in a Patrol Van. Terry's encounter with the Police lasted for two hours.

Terry refused to press charges against the Lagos State Police Command, though he strongly believes the policemen should have queried him before roughing him up at 11pm. Funny enough, two songs on Terry's new album 'Boiz Don Hammer' [ The album will be dropping this month and the video of the title track 'Boiz Don Hammer' will be shot by Clarence Peters ] addressed the type of police harassment he faced last week. Terry Madaki started rapping as far back as 1991 when he was in secondary school. His fame as a Hip-Hop artist grew in Kaduna where he spent almost twenty years. This was due to his featuring on a weekly radio show called 'Rap Attack' where he free-styled and played his demo tapes. He is an alumnus of the Federal Government College, Kaduna and he holds a Diploma in Mass Communications from the Federal Polytechnic in the state. He was a member of the Rap Collective SWATROOT [ Think of Wu Tang Clan and Boot Camp Clik ] which hade Mode 9, Rule Clean, DJ El Dee et al as members. Terry's first album was 'Tha Manifestation' which was released by Payback Tyme Records. He is also featured on the 'Lagos Story Plenti' CD. Terry Tha Rapman is an artist to watch out for. He still has a lot to offer the World Music Industry.

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Sunday, 8 August 2010


This song takes me way back to when I was a kid in Nigeria. Those were the days when the likes of Alex Zitto, Alex Okorigwe [ Alex O ], Daniel Wilson, Blackky [ Edward Inyang ], Oritz Wiliki, Evi Edna Ogholi and Cecilia Omohinmi were holding us captive with their great music. However, Alex Zitto was phenomenal and different in his approach to music. 'Walakolombo' was a nice track that rocked Lagos Night Clubs and Parties. The video of the song was also good with all those lovely ladies and their smiles. Alex Zitto is half-Nigerian and Half-Ghanaian and he was discovered by Chief Ebenezer Obey who employed him as a Bassist in his band.

After winning the Lekki Music Competition in 1988 with his song 'Tickle Me', Zitto became a favourite of Nigerian music lovers. He went on to record his first album also titled 'Tickle Me' with the music label, Polygram International. His second album, 'Walakolombo' increased his popularity and he started performing at many concerts. In the mid 90's, Alex Zitto emigrated to the United States of America. He lives in Minnesota and he is the founder and president of TIYGGI Inc, a sophisticated recording studio. TIYGGI means 'Talent Is Your God Given Investment'. We've heard that Alex Zitto is planning to return to the Nigerian Music scene with his new album which he is still working on. RV cannot wait for this gifted brother to serenade us once again with his romantic songs. Meanwhile, Enjoy the video above.

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On the 28th of July 2010, rumours hovered around Nigeria that Fuji Music icon, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, popularly known as Alhaji Agba, had passed away. The news spread like wild fire and many of his fans in Europe and North America worked the phones to verify if the depressing story was true. In a matter of hours, Barrister's family issued a press statement refuting the story and evidence that the musician was alive was presented to the media. The legend was indeed still with us as he tried to recuperate on a hospital bed in a private hospital in Surulere, Lagos.

However, it is clear that unless urgent steps are taken by Nigerians and the Federal Government to see that Barrister receives first class treatment, Alhaji Agba might soon be lowered into his grave. RV's investigation has lifted the cover off a pot of information that will make you cry. According to our sources, Barry Wonder has been in and out of hospitals in the last three years. He is said to be suffering from a heart condition due to his weight and other related complications. After being flown to a respected hospital in India where he was operated upon without his sickness abating, Barrister is back in Nigeria to continue his battle to be healthy again. We've received information that Barrister left the Indian hospital because the bills were accumulating while his health was not improving. It is important to note that Barrister denied reports that he had visited Prophet Temitope Joshua's Synagogue Church of All Nations for succour in 2008. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister said he remained a Muslim and would not let his faith down by seeking healing in a church.

So what is Barrister's current state of health? According to our trusted sources, the Fuji exponent's condition is not really improving. Barry Wonder cannot sit or stand up without assistance from people. He also finds it difficult to recognize visitors who have been allowed access to him. Until recently, Barrister found it difficult to defecate but the situation has been arrested by the doctors treating him. Barrister's ailment has elements of hypertension and diabetes. He is said to have developed hypertension after his house was gutted by fire in 1996. Shortly after, his weight led to his being diabetic. RV has confirmed that Barrister sustained a leg injury in 1968 while he was serving as a soldier in the Nigerian Army during the civil war. The injury has troubled the Fuji star since then and the pains he feels has aggravated his bad state of health. Barrister has not featured on the Nigerian Music scene in recent times, and has only been able to perform while seated in the few live shows he honoured.

Though there are plans to fly him abroad for the second time for proper treatment, RV feels it is time for Nigerians and especially the Federal Government to rise to the occasion and ensure Barrister does not die unnecessarily. Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister is an ex-soldier who fought to make sure Nigeria remained one during the civil war ( July 6, 1967-January 15, 1970 ). He sustained his leg injury which has contributed to his present predicament as a serviceman. This is why President Goodluck Jonathan should intervene in this matter. Barrister is a National Hero and should be treated as such. It won't be out of place if the Presidency funds his treatment abroad and makes sure he is flown out immediately. The Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria ( FUMAN ) should go beyond asking for prayers from Nigerians and start a fundraising campaign to help one of their own. Nigerians at home and in diaspora can also write to Newspapers and Magazines calling for the FG's Intervention on this issue, and also help raise cash for Alhaji Agba's treatment. RV wishes Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister a quick recovery and more years of thrilling us with his brand of Fuji Music.

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Friday, 6 August 2010


They are one of Nigeria's most admired couples and they've made their marriage a model for single ladies and guys. We started seeing glimpses of their greatness when they were part of the Charly Boy Show in the 90's, but they have raised the stakes in recent years by becoming noted musicians. Now to the gist of the day. RV has gathered that this lovely couple have come out with a new album. Tunde and Wunmi Obe [ As if you don't know who we are talking about already ] released their 5th studio album 'T.W.O Legit' on the 3rd of August 2010 at the Protea Hotels in Lagos. The couple told the media during the launch that the album was inspired by rumours that they were done with music and had embraced Television careers for good.

'T.W.O Legit' was produced by a string of big names in the Nigerian Music Industry. The golden list includes Sean Keyz, Abel Davey, Foster Zeeno, ID Cabasa, Puffy T and Rymzo. The LP is hybrid in nature with dance tracks, thanksgiving songs and family friendly songs in the offing. Watch out for 'Believe In Me'. The track is going to be a classic and our sources say the video of the song is hot. The album's marketing and distribution is being coordinated by Alec's Entertainment and a copy of the CD is being sold for 1000 Naira. Tunde and Wunmi Obe have three children and they are graduates of Lagos State University and the University of Lagos respectively. Wunmi's dad is the late Olu Aboderin, founder of Nigeria's widely read The Punch Newspapers.

Sources:,, RV.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I love checking out music videos on YOUTUBE, and I can remember that I stumbled upon a couple of her videos in 2008. I did not really give all my attention to the videos and I soon forgot about Ayo and her music. However, after writing the piece about Nneka Egbuna's rise on the world music stage and her subsequent collaboration with Nas, I recalled my encounter with Ayo. The memories flooded back because Ayo and Nneka are mixed race Nigerians and they both have links with Germany. If you think Nneka Egbuna is amazing, you need to listen to the music of Ayo Ogunmakin. While Nneka is consolidating her position as Africa's Queen of Contemporary Hip-Soul music, Ayo is working her way up gradually as a versatile soul musician.

Joy Olasunmibo Ogunmakin was born on the 14th of September 1980 in Frenchen near Cologne, Germany. 'Ayo' is the Yoruba translation of her first name, Joy. Her father is Nigerian while her mother is from Romania. Ayo lived briefly for a while in Nigeria with her parents as a baby. She had a turbulent childhood as her mother suffered from drug addiction, went to jail, and her parents later divorced. After spending time in care homes and with foster parents, she returned to live with her father and that was when her musical career started. Her father worked as a DJ and had albums of greats like Fela Kuti, Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley. Ayo naturally developed a love for music and subsequently recorded her first demo tape. She was then allowed by her father to drop out of school and pursue her music interests.

Ayo worked on her voice before releasing her debut album 'Joyful' in 2006. The album achieved Double-Platinum status in France, Platinum in Germany and Poland, and Gold Status in Greece, Italy and Switzerland. The album which was released in the US by Interscope Records in 2007 sold 500,000 copies in France alone, with an extra 750,000 copies snapped up by music lovers worldwide. Her second album 'Gravity At Last' [ 2008 ] was recorded in the Bahamas with Jay Newland as the Producer once again. 'Gravity At Last' is more introspective with some experimentation with the instrumentals. Ayo has two children with her partner, the Afro-German reggae singer Patrice. They live with their kids in Manhattan, New York City.

Ayo Ogunmakin is highly valued in the Western world. On the 4th of February 2009, Jacques Hintzy, President of UNICEF France, announced that she had been chosen as a Patron of UNICEF to promote the right to education for children worldwide. She has performed with Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds, Omar and Cody Chesnutt. A documentary about Ayo's life and her musical journey titled 'Ayo Joy', is being produced by 'Slingshots Music' [ Owned by her Music Manager, Fatou Sow ]and will be released later this year or early 2011. She is also working on a third album which will be out in the stores next year. Ayo and Patrice Plan to build a house in Jamaica. RV will keep you informed about the strides Ayo is taking to make the world feel her vibes.

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Monday, 2 August 2010


The King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson [ August 29, 1958-June 25,2009 ] is not done with music yet. A posthumous album of unreleased Jackson songs will hit Music Stores this November. The new album which does not have an official title presently will feature 10 new tracks including collaborations with Akon, and Ne-Yo. We've also heard that the album will feature several songs recorded in the 1980's that failed to make the cut for Jackson's hit album 'Bad'( 1987 ).

Michael's former Manager, Frank DiLeo talked about the new album in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. DiLeo revealed that he has over 100 completed tracks in his Michael Vault and wants to know what Wacko Jacko's fans think of them. Rodney Jenkins, who produced Michael's 2001 'Invincible' album is currently putting finishing touches on the record. The new LP will be the first release in a ten-album deal Michael's estate signed with Sony BMG early this year. The contract which is worth $250 million will see nine more records released before December 2017. Michael Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by the Guinness Book of Records. He is the eight child of the Jackson Family and began his solo career in 1971. His lifetime earnings from royalties on his solo recordings, music videos, revenues from concerts and endorsements have been estimated at $500 million.

Sources:, Wikipedia, RV.
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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Blackmoon "Buck'em Down" [ RV VIDEO FEATURE ].

Blackmoon remains one of the most underrated Rap Groups in the history of Hip-Hop Music. I started feeling the dynamic rap skills of Buckshot Shorty in 1993 when I saw him in the video of the group's song 'I Got Cha Opin' [ I coveted the Canadian Hockey Jacket he wore in the video ]. Blackmoon was unique and there was this creative angle to their music. 5ft is also a good rapper and it seems he will be releasing his own solo album very soon. DJ Evil Dee of the Beatminerz is the Pillar of the group. Without his well crafted beats and presence in the group's videos, Blackmoon would not have been popular in the Underground scene. The group's debut album 'Enter Da Stage' sold 350,000 copies in the US alone and is now seen as a classic. I love the video above- The Army Gear, the comradeship, the flow of Buckshot and the camera shots. It is a great video. Enjoy!!

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When we heard that the Matriach of Nigerian Pop music, Onyeka Onwenu, had restricted sales of her new album, 'Legend', to churches in Nigeria, RV decided to investigate further. We can confidently disclose that the Elegant Stallion is selling her 13 track CD in churches, because she wants to stop music pirates from reaping where they did not sow concerning her work. Onwenu who resigned as the Chairman of the Imo State Arts Council recently stated in a newspaper interview that she does not want to be ripped off as usual by Marketers. According to the Imo State born crooner-

' My new CD is doing very well. We are going around in churches doing direct marketing because I don't want to be offered 5 Naira per CD. That is what most artists are getting. The CD's out on the Street are selling for 200 Naira and by the time you remove the cost of the CD itself ( the sleeve/jacket ) and the marketer takes his own share, you as the musician is left with 5 Naira and that is silly.'

Onyeka and her Marketing and Publicity team at Ayollo Productions are selling her new CD for 1,000 Naira per copy. Onyeka also revealed that some people have bought a copy of the CD for 100,000 Naira with a huge chunk of the money going back to the church of the purchasers. A member of the Fountain of Life Church, Onyeka says she did not release 'Legend' to make money and that she is using the proceeds from her work to further the gospel of the lord. RV also gathered that Onyeka has finished recording the theme song for Nigeria @ 50. She recorded the song for free. Onyeka, who is an indigene of Ideato North LG in Imo State, holds a first degree in International Relations and Communications from Wesley College in Massachussets, USA and a second degree in Media Studies from the New School for Social Research in New York. She has released many albums and great songs including 'You and I', 'One Love', 'I'm The One' and 'Wait For Me [ A duet with King Sunny Ade ]'. Onyeka plans to acquire a broadcast licence later in life. Be assured of quality on air programming if she does that. She will be in a territory she understands.