Monday, 30 August 2010

Domino - Sweet Potato Pie [ RV VIDEO FEATURE ].

Domino was one of the Rap Artists that kept my love for Hip-Hop alive in the 90's. This handsome guy was just too good on the mic. He also had this penchant of featuring beautiful black women in his videos. I'm really impressed with the array of delicious black sisters in the 'Sweet Potato Pie' video above. Shawn Antoine Ivy [ Domino ] was one of the forerunners who spread the message of G-funk before Snoop Dogg and Warren G popularized it. There has always been this notion that Domino stole the Dogg Father's style, and that this was why his career did not last long. I believe Domino's style was slightly different from Snoop Doggy Dogg's delivery. The beats of Domino's songs including 'Long Beach Thang', 'Tales From the Hood' [ Featuring Chill ] 'Ghetto Jam' [ This banging track opened and ended 98% of Campus Shows in Nigeria in the 90's ] and 'Diggady Domino' were really good. The solid beats which keep me nodding were crafted by DJ Battlecat. The Rap Industry needs guys like Domino back on the scene. We have a story on Domino on this page. Relax and Enjoy this video.

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