Sunday, 1 August 2010

Blackmoon "Buck'em Down" [ RV VIDEO FEATURE ].

Blackmoon remains one of the most underrated Rap Groups in the history of Hip-Hop Music. I started feeling the dynamic rap skills of Buckshot Shorty in 1993 when I saw him in the video of the group's song 'I Got Cha Opin' [ I coveted the Canadian Hockey Jacket he wore in the video ]. Blackmoon was unique and there was this creative angle to their music. 5ft is also a good rapper and it seems he will be releasing his own solo album very soon. DJ Evil Dee of the Beatminerz is the Pillar of the group. Without his well crafted beats and presence in the group's videos, Blackmoon would not have been popular in the Underground scene. The group's debut album 'Enter Da Stage' sold 350,000 copies in the US alone and is now seen as a classic. I love the video above- The Army Gear, the comradeship, the flow of Buckshot and the camera shots. It is a great video. Enjoy!!

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