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If you're one of those who keep dropping comments on YOUTUBE about the wack rappers whose music are being forced into our ears by the radio stations, it is time to sheathe your sword and relax. This is because Naughty By Nature is back on the Hip-Hop scene with an album that will be released in December 2010. Naughty By Nature was formed in 1989 in East Orange, New Jersey, USA. After building up a strong reputation on the underground hip-hop scene with their ghetto style brand of music, Treach [ Anthony Crisis ], Vin Rock [ Vincent Brown ] and DJ Kay Gee [ Keir Gist ] came out with their 1991 self titled album 'Naughty By Nature' which announced their talent to the world. One of their songs 'O.P.P' became an anthem to rap fans all over the globe. The song was No 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was chosen as one of the top 100 rap singles of all time in 1998 by The Source Magazine.

Mentored by Queen Latifah [ She was already an established Hip-Hop Star in the early 90's ] and spurred on by the number of fans they had, Naughty By Nature continued to churn out hit after hit. The group blessed us with banging tracks like 'Hip Hip Hooray', 'Uptown Anthem', 'Jamboree', 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright', etc. Treach became an actor along the way and he was in the movie 'Juice'[ 1992 ] alongside Tupac Shakur. Treach's friendship with 2pac started after they met on the set of the movie. Naughty By Nature's song 'Mourn You Till I Join You' is dedicated to the rap legend. Treach also appeared in the films 'Jason's Lyric' and 'Who's The Man'. DJ Kay Gee has also worked with R&B groups like Zhane and Next. Naughty By Nature won a Grammy Award in 1996 with 'Poverty's Paradise' which was chosen as the Best Rap Album.

What delights us at RV is that the group's new album is ready. We've gathered that Naughty by Nature have signed a new distribution deal with with their erstwhile label, Tommy Boy Records, to release an EP through the group's Illtown Records. The EP has two tracks 'Get to know Me Better' and 'I gotta lotta' from their new album titled 'Anthem Inc'. The two fresh tracks mentioned are available for download through itunes and other digital retailers. Naughty By Nature as a group has evolved over the years and are still around to make great music. Treach sums up my feelings with his spot on comment- 'Some of the artists out there lost their love for it as they get older in the game. They don't have that hunger and the fight anymore. So they feel they can't keep up. In my book it is like this: Keep doing it until you know you're wack. Good music is good music. If you keep throwing it at 'em and keep feeding the people, they gonna appreciate and respect it.' A check on the group's website reveals that the site is under construction. This goes to show that Vin Rock, Treach and DJ Kay Gee are working behind the scenes to update their gateway to the world. RV will keep you informed about fresh developments concerning Naughty By Nature's new album.

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