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When I added her as a friend on Facebook, I didn't realize she was already a great woman. Then I started reading comments posted on her profile and found out that she was many things rolled into one. Tosyn Abisona Bucknor is a radio presenter( Top FM, Lagos, Nigeria ), writer, blogger and founder of THESE GENES [ An organization that creates awareness about the misunderstood Sickle Cell Disease through fashion and entertainment ]. Her popularity is gradually reaching cult status and she's got this knack for coming out with new ideas in all her endeavours. However, Tosyn has also shown that she can sing and she has come out with some great songs that are receiving good airplay in Nigeria. Her music is what RV will be really focusing on in this post.

Tosyn sings under the name CON.tra.diction though she's got other alter-egos. I have listened to her songs and I'm impressed with her delivery. The songs were well produced and I've seen a couple of her videos. Let me start with 'Dreams'. This song deals with issues of love and sacrifice, and also inspires us to move and pursue our dreams while staying with those we love. The video of 'Dreams' is on YOUTUBE and it was shot by AK One. It is a colourful video with great camera work and lovely people. You need to listen to this song to get my drift. 'Hidden Motives' is another great track of hers that I listened to on the internet- This song sounds like a Rock song from one of the numerous British bands I've heard recently. Tosyn also sounds like Corrine Bailey Rae with her philosophical lyrics. 'First' is also available through the link I've given above. It is a song that acknowledges the importance of cherishing the person that we first fell in love with. I'm also of the opinion that the first love Tosyn is talking about in this song is God.

After listening to this great woman's music, I have some questions on my mind. Does Tosyn Bucknor sound too foreign? Can her music sell in Nigeria? Will an average Nigerian music lover pick up her CD when it is eventually released? Tosyn's songs are deep and I'll place her in the category of Asa, GT The Guitar Man and Nneka Egbuna. I feel Tosyn should explore the international market more with her music. With all the swagger and bling that is displayed by the artists making waves in Nigeria, Tosyn's music might appeal to just a small section of Nigerians. While issues concerning the marketability of her music gives me some concern, I'm really proud of what she's achieved so far. Tosyn Bucknor is really versatile and talented. With the energy she puts into her work as an on air personality and musician, it is hard to imagine she has the sickle cell disorder. While growing up, she fell ill many times and had to make several trips to different hospitals where she was given injections, drips, blood transfusions with lots of money being spent in the process.

Her ailment has not stopped her from chasing her dreams. She has this to say to us:
''Most people do not understand that a person living with sickle cell can do anything a person not living with sickle cell can do. The difference is that we have to be more careful.'' Tosyn's story has made me realize that I can achieve anything I set my mind to notwithstanding the circumstances around me. She's a qualified lawyer and also the CEO of S.h.a.r.e.s [ A Network that connects people together ]. I love her music and I feel she has messages she wants us to hear. Tosin Bucknor Rocks!!

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