Monday, 26 July 2010


K'naan, the Somalian-Canadian Hip-Hop artiste cum singer, has the world at his feet at the moment. Apart from holding us captive with his well produced song 'Wavin Flag' and appearing on many television shows recently, Keinan Abdi Warsame has won the hearts of Producers in India's biggest entertainment industry, Bollywood. Music composers, Vishal and Shekhar have signed the rapper and songwriter and have already started working with him on some projects. Vishal had travelled to London to discuss another project with a colleague when he discovered that he was sitting on the same table with K'naan's team. K'naan's Manager, Sol Guy, came up with the idea of a K'naan-vishal/shekhar collaboration and the respected Indian Producer agreed on the spot.

Apart from the famous Indian composers mentioned above, K'naan also met with Bollywood actor, Imran Khan. Khan was in the Republic of South Africa for the World Cup finals and was staying in the same hotel with K'naan who emigrated to Canada at age 13. The singer had performed some of his songs including 'Wavin Flag' for a select audience just before the Germany-Uruguay third place match was played. Imran watched K'naan perform and he has this to say- 'I did not know who he was. I had only heard that 'Wavin Flag' was his track. I was mesmerised. As he is a Somalian, his music has that African beat to it'. Imran Khan who believes K'naan's coming to Bollywood is great endorses Coca Cola, the same soft drink which used the Somalian-Canadian's song for its World Cup campaign. K'naan is currently performing at different music festivals in Canada. Some of his songs receiving heavy patronage on YOUTUBE include 'Fatima', 'Take a Minute' and 'I Come Prepared'.

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