Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Guru, the front man of Hip-Hop/Rap Group, Gang Starr, is dead. He died yesterday after battling with cancer for a year. Guru [ Keith Elam ] suffered a heart attack on February 28 2010 and subsequently slipped into a coma. 43 year old Guru formed Gang Starr in 1985 with DJ 1, 2B-Down and several producers including Donald D, J.V, and DJ Mark helped out. It was not long before this gifted assembly broke up with Guru deciding to continue his career under the name, Gang Starr. He teamed up with DJ Premier [ Christopher Edward Martin ] in 1989 and the duo put out their first single, ''Words I Manifest'' alongside the album ''No More Mr. Nice Guy''. The group's other albums include ''Daily Operation'' (1992), Hard To Earn (1994) and ''The Ownerz (2003). Gang Starr's style combined elements of New York Swing Jazz and Hip-Hop.

RV gathered that Guru wrote a letter before his death, in which he stated that his producer, Solar, should take care of the elements of his character after his death, and to also ensure that his ex-Gang Starr partner, DJ Premier is not allowed to operate under the group's name. RV will produce an article on Guru's life along with good videos that tell stories. We commiserate with Guru's family, friends and the Amercan Hip-Hop community.

Sources: cnn.com, www.nme.com, RV

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