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From all indications, Lara George seems to be the one affected most by the break-up of KUSH. Listen to her- '' The inability of the members to be fully dedicated to KUSH was a major challenge that we contended with all through. For us in KUSH, it got to a point where not everybody wanted to give their all. There were issues of time and focus. If you have people in a place and some are giving 100% of their time and others are not, there would be issues. There wasn't a specific event that led to the break up, but one day when the same thing that had been happening all over again happened, it became a thorn that needed to be removed. We just called a meeting and called it quits. We were afraid of giving our fans less than what are known for. So we let it rest in 2002. ''

Lara contributed in no small measure to the success of KUSH's only album '' The Experience ''. She was great on tracks like ''Tic Tac Toe [ A song that I love dancing to ]'', ''My Friend'', and '' Angels ''. Another factor that made her outstanding was her sophistication and natural charm. To me, she's the prettiest of the three KUSH women. I'm also not surprised that she got married before TY Bello [ Emem has not found her soul-mate yet ]. Lets get down to real business and get to know Lara George more. She grew up in Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, and attended the University of Lagos Staff School. She's an alumnus of Queen's College, Yaba, Lagos [ Queen's College is one of the top high schools in Nigeria. Lara graduated from the University of Lagos with B.Arch in Architecture. It was at the university that she met TY Bello, Dapo Torimiro and Emem Ema with their friendship culminating into KUSH.

So what has Lara been up to after KUSH broke up? She released her debut solo album ''Forever In My Heart'' in 2007 with the hit single being ''Ijoba Orun'' [ Heavenly Rule ]. This song made a lot of waves and it left many fans reminiscing about her days as a KUSH member. In August 2009, Lara came out with her 2nd album self-titled '' Lara George ''. The album has a remix of ''Ijoba Orun'' alongside other tracks like '' Halleluyah ', ''Kolebaje'' [ It won't get worse ] et al. The album is also due to be repackaged by SONY Music for the International Market. Lara's songs seem to be strictly gospel though she still retains KUSH's urban style and feel. She is also very focused and has big dreams. As the Vice President of SoForte Entertainment, she wants to build the biggest entertainment distribution company in Nigeria. Lara George is very popular in Nigeria and among Nigerians, Afro-Carribean people and African-Americans in Europe and North America. There's something she has not forgotten. Lara has not forgotten her tour of the UK and the USA with the other Ex-KUSH members and how the group recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London [ The Beatles recorded great songs there too ]. So will Lara reunite with Dapo, Emem and Toyin as KUSH if the opportunity arises? Well, only time will tell. What RV knows is that Lara is not happy about the break-up.

Lara's message to KUSH Fans: '' Keep your head up. Trust in God and never despise the days of small beginnings, because God always has a master plan that you may not understand''.

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