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If you've listened to the KUSH Album, ''The Experience'', you might have been tempted to believe that the group consisted of only three ladies. Apart from the song ''Mercy Way'', Lara, Toyin and Emem were either lead vocals, support vocals or rappers on the other songs. The first time I listened to ''Mercy Way'', I wondered who the guy with the lovely voice was. That guy is Dapo Torimiro, the only male member of KUSH. He was also the producer of the group's only album. With the instrumentation and quality production skills behind ''The Experience'', I'm not surprised that Dapo has become a juggernaut in international music production.

For a man that dropped out of medical school in Nigeria to become a music producer in America, working with music stars he adored and getting credits on their albums is a dream come true. Torimiro, who's a Yamaha endorsed artist and solid multi-instrumentalist worked with Ex-Fugees member, Lauryn Hill, as her keyboardist during her tour in 2006. He has also performed with Stevie Wonder and Lalah Hardaway. Due to his unique techniques in Song writing and Music Production, Dapo was able to place the song ''Quickly'' on John Legend's [ Legend is a five-time Grammy Award winner ] third studio album ''Evolver'' which was released on October 28, 2008. He has also worked with multi-platinum selling R&B diva, Brandy. It is very clear that Dapo's relocation to the United States has helped develop his music career greatly. He's been able to network with important personalities in the American music industry.

Are you also aware that Dapo Tomiro co-wrote and produced the track ''Bigger'' on Canadian kid wonder Justin Bieber's first part of his debut studio album ''My World''? The CD was released on November 17, 2009 by Island Records. Dapo's CV is very impressive and he keeps adding gold nuggets to his profile everyday. He has also taken the time to collaborate with other producers. According to Bruce Waynne of Midi Mafia [ Producers of 50 Cent and Fantasia ], ''Dapo brings something different to the table. You have to do something very special and unique for us to decide to work with you. He plays multiple instruments and he's not just a beat guy. He's someone who can also start from the scratch, but he does it in his own way, from his own perspective.'' This is a huge endorsement of Dapo's talent from a renowned music producer. Dapo worked with Grammy winning producer, Jeffrey Webber, on ''Change'', a song which was recorded for Barack Obama's presidential campaign back in 2008.

I wonder what would have happened if KUSH had not broken up, with Dapo using his songwriting and production talent for the Gospel Group's subsequent albums. The Lagos born dude and his female friends might have received Grammy Award nominations in the Gospel Music category. KUSH had a bright future as a group. It was a project that died prematurely. However, RV thinks Dapo has done well for himself and should consider reuniting with Lara George, TY Bello and Emem Ema for a sophomore album which will surely be outstanding. He literally has the world at his feet right now and has been writing scores for movies recently. Watch out for this amazing guy as the years roll on.

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