Friday, 30 April 2010


Emem was the official rapper of KUSH on the group's album '' The Experience ''. I was really impressed with her delivery, and it was not hard to tell that she made tracks like ''Tic Tac Toe'', ''Lets Live Together'' and ''La La'' sound very interesting. I've since discovered that Emem Ema Obasi is much more than thrilling us with the microphone. Since the break-up of KUSH, she has been making giant strides as a music entrepreneur. Emem graduated from the University of Lagos in 2001 with a Law degree. She attended the Nigerian Law School between 2002-2003. Since then, she's had her hands in various pies in the Media business. She is a co-founder and a leading light at Vzhun Media, and the Executive Director of One Integrated Management Services, a consultancy outfit that assists creative artists with a bid to make their dreams come true.

Emem's parents were staff of the Nigerian Television Authority [ NTA ], so she could be said to be a chip off the old block. Emem was also the Associate Producer ( PR&Marketing ) of NOKIA First Chance/Reflex Media& DaWorks Records/Squirt. She's also the producer of ''Sights and Sounds of Bonny'' a documentary commemorating ten years of the King of Bonny's [ Bonny is in Rivers State, Nigeria ] coronation. It is also pertinent to note that Emem was involved in the production of Kunle Afolayan's landmark movie ''The Figurine''. Apart from helping out in promoting the movie, she was the one that gave Afolayan's work its title. Through O.N.E Management, Emem [ She's fondly called Mem'O these days ]is managing the careers of upcoming Nigerian artists like Ibiyemi [ Her video is on YOUTUBE ], Provabs and Drae. She's putting her energy into music production and management while maintaining a different angle to music and entertainment.

Emem Ema Abasi is also the first Nigerian to win the British Council International Young Music Entrepreneur Award in 2006. She was also the Future Awards Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2007. You might be tempted to believe that Emem has lost her vocal chords due to her foray into Music Entrepreneurship. Nope. She has a single ''Greenlight'' which is a very inspirational song. Emem talks about the inspiration behind the song- ''You've got a situation where life throws lemons at you. One person sees it as an opportunity to make lemonade and another sees it as a reason to go on rampage as to why life is so unfair. 'Greenlight' was for me as much as it is for everyone out there who has heard it. We can be anything or anyone we choose to be. It starts with determination. I can do all things through Christ. That's where it came from.'' When asked about a possible reunion for KUSH, this is what Emem had to say:

''I'm one part of KUSH. It would have to be a collective decision.'' she said. RV really wants to see this hugely gifted lady team up with Dapo, Lara and Toyin for a second experience as KUSH.


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