Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I've been writing since I was in Primary School. I just have this connection with the pen. My first attempt at creativity was through drawing. With the aid of the wax products of crayola, I would draw amateur comic strips and copy characters from DC comics and TV cartoons. The Nigerian Television Authority [ NTA ] and Lagos Weekend Television [ LWT ] tickled my imagination back in the 80's and early 90's. As soon as I enrolled in High School, I started losing my drawing skills and a new phenomenon started. My writing skills came to the fore and I've been strong in that area since then.

Today, I'm welcoming you to this blog. I want you to be friendly with this blog because I want to keep you informed 100% about what is happening in the music industry worldwide. I'll be blogging on all kinds of music with a strong emphasis on Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, British Grime, Hardcore Rap, Gospel Music, African music and House music. I will also keep you informed about the latest news in the Music world. This blog will be utilizing the resources of YOUTUBE, Google and other web portals to keep you informed, educated, inspired and entertained. You never know what will pop up on this blog and the artistes, producers and people you may get to meet through vibes-extra @ Blogspot.Com

I promise you solid information, videos and features anytime you visit my Vibeworld. If you're a music lover, artiste or you own a record label, you need to watch this space. The young man behind this blog is deeply talented and wants to make you have a memorable time as you read reviews, articles and listen to music. Lets make this blog a success together. Once more, I'm saying welcome. A dynamic blog is born!!

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