Saturday, 20 March 2010



Is it a crime to be a star? This could be the question Stefani Germanotta has been asking herself for some days now. Miss Germanotta is the gregarious lady Gaga who has taken the music world by storm with her utterly different way of entertaining us. Her ex-boyfriend, [ These divas change lovers like tissue paper, don't they? ] Rob Fusari has filed a $30.5 Million [ £20 Million ] lawsuit against her. Fusari claims he played a huge role in shaping her career after spotting her during a performance in New Jersey. He's also saying that he influenced Interscope Record's contract with Lady Gaga.

Stating that he'd been denied a 20% cut on song royalties and shares of merchandising sales, Fusari insisted he had an affair with Lady Gaga in 2006 and that they launched a joint venture, Team Love Child, which was terminated when their relationship crashed. However, Rob Fusari admits that he has collected about $611,000 from Lady Gaga but he believes he deserves his full share of the singer's earnings. Lady Gaga's albums '' The Fame '' and '' The Fame Monster '' have sold about 10 million copies worldwide. Gaga, who wrote her first piano ballad at age 14 has concerts lined up for her in Australia, Japan, Sweden, Belgium and France this year [ Check for ticket information and concert schedules ].


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