Wednesday, 31 March 2010


RV is a blog with a difference. It is a blog that is totally dedicated to music and all things that pertains to music. That is why RV will be looking at a Nigerian Urban Gospel group known as KUSH [ Kinetically Ushering Salvation into Homes ]. The group was a quartet of three ladies and a guy- Toyin Sokefun Bello, Lara George, Emem Ema and Dapo Torimiro. Their debut album which was released by DKG Music in 2002 [ It sadly remains their only album ] was titled '' The Experience'' and it garnered critical reviews. Their style of music was a radical departure from what obtained on the Nigerian Gospel Music scene.

KUSH was a gospel group that was international in outlook, yet Nigerian enough not to be dismissed as an African-American initiative. The songs in '' The Experience '' which were well produced and arranged sounded heavenly. It was really an experience listening to the album. Tracks like '' Lets Live Together '' [ It is the song with the video above ] , '' Tic Tac Toe'', ''Angels'', '' Pretty Brown Eyes '', '' La La '' et al have become classics in the hearts of the group's fans. Then the group broke up for different reasons [ All the reasons given by the members will be examined in our articles in this series ] and have embarked on solo careers.

Fans of KUSH to a large extent are not happy about the break up. RV believes that the urban gospel group should have stuck together and would have made much impact over the years, than what they are achieving individually now. Some analysts believe KUSH has a high chance of winning a Grammy Award if they regroup for a sophomore album. That is why RV will be examining the effects of the group's break-up, the solo careers of the four members and if they are really living up to expectations individually. And can KUSH really win a Grammy Award in the Gospel Music category? It promises to be a solid series of music writing. Stay tuned.

RV is also striving to add more features to the blog daily. I keep looking for fresh page elements that will beautify the blog. RV and Blogspot are working hard to keep you entertained and informed musically. Cheers.

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