Monday, 6 September 2010

Paul Play : Forever { RV VIDEO FEATURE }

Paul Babatunde Dairo is the son of the late Nigerian music legend, I.K Dairo, who remains the only African musician to be honoured by Queen Elizabeth II of Britain in the 60's. Just like his father, Paul has become an accomplished musician. He has been able to present an hybrid of Highlife, Juju, Hip-Hop, R&B, soul and reggae music genres to his fans in Nigeria and Internationally. I have been following Paul IK Dairo for some time now. He started out with groups like Le Griffe ( His Bother, Banji, and cousin, Henry Dairo, both of whom have passed away were members of this R&B group ), De Klan, Oxygen ( Paul still has ties to this group. Tony Tonero [ Died early this year ] and Slam were in the video of his song 'Mosorire' ) and Pure Heart Impression.

Paul Play Dairo has released a number of albums including 'Hitsville', 'Dairo Music Foundation Project' and 'Project II, 2 Ways 2 Play'. He has sold about 8 million copies of his CD's to date. Paul is also an introvert and we at RV are happy that he has not been involved in any scandal since his career started. What else can we expect from a gifted young man who was raised by father with strong christian values? Enjoy the video above. We also have a feature story on Paul Play for you. Happy viewing and reading.


  1. I still think this is one of his best, better than Angel of my life

  2. Gamine, I also prefer 'Forever' more than 'Angel of My Life'. Paul Play Dairo is really gifted and I know he's going to do well on the international scene. I have listened to some of his other songs like 'Sacrifice', 'Delicious' and 'Don't You Play That Game' and Paul's talent shines through. Thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers.