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I wrote a piece about Paul I.K Dairo for AFRICA, St Patrick's Missions Magazine, back in 2007. I remember giving a hint in the write up that Paul Play was aiming for recognition after winning over both youths and pensioners alike in Nigeria. I've been proved right with the style and quality of Dairo's recent songs and videos. His videos are now of international standard and his recent songs makes you feel you're listening to Usher or Chris Brown. I don't want you to come to the hasty conclusion that Paul Dairo has sold out. He remains himself. It is just that Isaiah Kehinde Dairo's son rightly thinks he has something to offer to Europe and the wider world.

Paul Play 2nd R&B album will be released in the UK. He has already secured a publishing deal in Britain and he's looking forward to an international release because he believes his new album will not sell in Nigeria. Dairo arrived at this conclusion because his R&B songs have been widely accepted in Europe and North America. Many Record Label executives in Britain were awed with his talent and production skills after listening to his tracks. Paul Play has worked with Star View Entertainment in Britain and has written songs for Jimmy Cozier on the singer's album. Sincerely, Paul I.K Dairo is one artist that can compete with any American and British R&B musician. He should have made his move to Europe years ago.

According to Paul- 'My biggest regret is that I didn't give R&B a shot early enough. Most of the record executives I met abroad were asking me where I had been all the while.' Paul Dairo, who miraculously recovered from a strange Kidney problem after undergoing surgery in South Africa last year, proved cynics wrong when his 2005 album 'Hitsville' became a huge success. Before then, there was this belief that a 100% R&B album would not do well in Nigeria. With hot and blazing tracks like 'Angel of My life', 'Playground Anthem', 'Crazy', 'You and Me' and 'Forever', 'Hittsville' became an album everyone wanted to lay their hands on. No one was really surprised when Paul Play was the hero of the night at the 2007 Hip Hop World Awards. 'Hitsville' won Best R&B Album, Artist of The Year, Album of The Year and Record of The Year for 'Forever'.

Paul I.K Dairo started out as a Producer/Songwriter and back-up vocalist before he started singing. He produced and featured in Ruggedman's song 'What If'. Other production credits include Slam ( Ebibu Chineke ), Tony Tetuila, Sunny Neji, Mike Okri and Dr Fresh ( Album ). The graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the Yaba College of Technology is the most creative Nigerian artist in recent times. Paul Play oozes creativity in everything he does. His talent should not be confined to Nigeria. The world needs to drink from his cup of musical innovation. He has been in the industry for 10 ten years now and we all know what he can do. Do you know that a Myspace Page has been dedicated to Paul Dairo in Poland? This shows that music lovers in Europe are feeling him. We at RV believe it is time for Tricia's husband to take on the world. What do you think?

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