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A year after the death of the world's most adored musician, Michael Joseph Jackson, one man has continued to generate a lot of attention. His name is Conrad Murray and he was the doctor of the famous entertainer before his demise. Conrad is currently facing charges brought against him by Jackson's family who believe he is responsible for Michael's death. The court papers drawn up by the lawyer of the Jackson family argues that Mr Murray was at Sam's Hofbrau in Los Angeles, where he had been drinking on the night of Wacko Jacko's death. In the ''Notice of Intent to Initiate Legal Proceedings'' against the doctor, the Jackson family stated that it was wrong for him to drink prior to administering anaesthesia to the deceased music star. The family also claims that Conrad Murray concealed his reckless behaviour from Michael Jackson.

With the Notice of Intent that has been scripted by lawyer Brian Oxman on behalf of Joe Jackson, Michael's Father, in existence, the first step towards filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Murray has been taken. If the Jackson Family and their lawyer can prove that the doctor partied at the strip joint ( Sam's Hofbrau )hours before giving Michael Jackson a fatal dose of propofol, Conrad Murray will end up behind bars. RV has however gathered that Mr Murray's defence team are not going down without a fight. A member of his defence team has discredited the allegations that the Jackson family has made against the doctor. He went on to say that Conrad Murray does not drink.

Apart from the allegations in the Notice of Intent served by Joe Jackson's lawyer, Court papers also claim Murray did not provide Michael's medical history to the doctors who attended to him at the UCLA Medical centre on the day of his death. According to the court papers- ''While defendant Murray told Dr.Cooper at the UCLA emergency room that prior to June 25,2009, Michael had not been ill, Michael was suffering from chronic pneumonia, chronic respiratory bronchitis, anaemia and brain swelling.'' If the Jackson Family succeeds in instituting a wrongful death lawsuit against Conrad Murray, the doctor's hope of being a free man will be dashed. This is because he is currently battling against an involuntary manslaughter charge related to Michael Jackson's death. Conrad Murray will be fighting the battle of his life in the coming months. The is the question RV is posting: Is Conrad Murray really responsible for the death of Wacko Jacko? Yeah, it might be tough for the Jackson Family to accept that their brother and son is dead, but has it not been revealed that Michael was terribly sick weeks before his death? Due to the great singer's love of privacy, how can we know the true degree of his sickness before he died? And how does this legal tussle between the Jackson Family and Dr Conrad Murray portray the African-American community in the eyes of the world.

RV has so many questions begging for answers, but we will keep our readers informed concerning developments on this issue. Cheers.

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